What Members Say about CURIE

Nowell Seaman, University of Saskatchewan
“Prior to my joining the University of Saskatchewan, it was not part of CURIE. After looking at what it offers and realizing the many benefits, which included excellent coverage and price, the university joined as a member. Since that time, I’ve found the insurance programs are handled well. I really value CURIE’s risk management and loss prevention services. I find the networking opportunities and knowledge sharing aspect of the list serve some of the most valuable things CURIE provides” 
Anne Baxter, Director, Risk & Safety Services University of Lethbridge
“As a CURIE member, I really appreciate the peer support from other universities. From the east to the west coast its members enjoy a close connection, like a family, in the sharing of information and ideas. In addition, the risk management services are very good, for instance the inspection services that CURIE offers is critical to the risk management process. Managing the insurance and risk portfolio at universities today can be complex, diverse and at times quite challenging. Being part of CURIE provides support and resources that can make one's job a bit easier.”
Nancy Walker, University of Lethbridge
 “CURIE offers fair premiums, which was the main reason we joined. CURIE also offers fast and responsive service and I like the educational component. We would not get all this from a private, for-profit company.”
Millo Shaw, Lakehead University
“Good price, good deal. Plus CURIE’s list serve is helpful as are the resources on its website. I find the service helpful and prompt.”
Patricia Hibbitts, Simon Frasier University
 “CURIE’s great advantage is sharing of knowledge. As members of CURIE, there’s a sense that we’re all in this together. We share common problems and help each other find solutions.”
Gabrielle Morrison, Saint Mary’s University
"Another great benefit of CURIE membership is that the CURIE claims specialists settle claims strategically to avoid unsustainable precedents being set within the Canadian University system. I value this approach because it limits the potential for future problematic claims and settlements."
Trev Gonnason, University of New Brunswick
“In my opinion, CURIE’s strength is in the exchange of information amongst its members. We face similar risks and there is mutual benefit in sharing solutions. Risk management in a university setting is a unique and challenging role, and I find it comforting that there are resources available to help me.”