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The Advisory Board

Wilfrid Our Board oversees CURIE’s insurance professionals, as well as ensures our policies and programs are serving member universities, both individually and collectively. It also sees that CURIE evolves each year to meet the demands of changing university needs.

The board is comprised of three representatives from Ontario, the Western and Atlantic provinces, as well as the executive director of CAUBO. In addition to this regional representation, and in an effort to have campuses of varying sizes represented, board members are invited from subscribing university based on risk management, legal, financial and senior management expertise.


2021 CURIE Advisory Board

Ms. Kristi Simpson,  Chair
Associate Vice-President, Financial Planning & Operations
University of  Victoria
Ms. Nancy Walker, Vice-Chair
Vice-President, Financial & Administration
University of  Lethbridge
Mr. Robert Inglis
Vice-President, Finance & Administration
Mount Allison University
Mr. Lloyd Noronha
Vice-President, Finance & Administration
Wilfrid Laurier University
Ms. Nathalie Laporte, (Ex-officio)
Executive Director
Mr.  Andrew Beckett
Vice-President, Finance and Administration
St. Francis Xavier University
Ms. Cheryl Foy
General Counsel & Secretary to the Board
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Mr. Tony Lackey
Director, Risk Management Services
Carleton University

Mr. Alan Scott
Director of Risk Management Services
University of Manitoba

Ms. Gitta Kulczycki
Vice-President, Financial & Administration
Dalhousie University