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Our Vision

To be the insurer of choice and key partner in risk management for Canadian Universities and Colleges.


Our Mission

CURIE is dedicated to addressing the common and unique needs of its members by:

Securing long-term, stable and cost-effective insurance coverage; Managing claims effectively and in a way that recognizes the long-term interests of its members; Providing a range of risk management and loss protection services; Sharing information and communicating best practices in risk management to its members.

Our Values

In achieving our Mission, we value:

  • Integrity and accountability
  • Financial stability and responsibility
  • Service excellence
  • Respect in all interactions
  • Our staff, our members and our volunteers

Insurance and Risk Management for Universities

Canadian Universities Reciprocal Insurance Exchange, known as CURIE, is the most specialized option available created specifically for large and small universities across Canada. CURIE is a reciprocal insurance exchange created specifically for large and small universities across Canada.

CURIE was founded in 1987, at the peak of the liability insurance crisis with the mandate to stabilize premium costs for all Canadian universities. It is the most specialized option available on the market offering stable, cost-effective and expansive insurance coverage and robust risk management services. CURIE wrote it’s first Policy on January 1, 1988!

Today, we offer comprehensive insurance rates 20% to 45% lower than industry, high-value risk management programs, plus essential knowledge sharing and insight.

Our philosophy is to be flexible: we want to work with you to ensure not only the best insurance coverage, but fair and just claims settlements. CURIE’s strategic management of each claim means efficient and effective processing.

As risk management is becoming more complicated and enterprise wide, CURIE offers extensive risk management education and consultation to help you access each risk associated with issues impacting today’s universities.