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2021 ERM Master Class Workshop

Following the success of the Business Resiliency sessions hosted in the summer, CURIE and Marsh a excited to announce the launch of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) as part of the 2020 Master Class Series. We will endeavor to provide both theory and practical applications of ERM with the opportunity for sharing and collaborating within the group. The session will contain content that will be useful for both new and experienced professionals.

Traditionally, we would host a 1.5 day, in-person Master Class session, however due to COVID-19, we will be running the session virtually. Similar to the Business Resiliency program, the content will be split into four, 2-hour segments. We will deliver one segment per week for four weeks.


  • Wednesday, February10 | 1pm – 3pm Eastern Time
  • Wednesday, February 17 | 1pm – 3pm Eastern Time
  • Wednesday, February 24 | 1pm – 3pm Eastern Time
  • Wednesday, March 3 | 1pm – 3pm Eastern Time


The sessions will be led by Mark Aiello, Strategic Risk Consulting Solutions Leader for Marsh Canada. Mark has over 17 years of experience in developing risk management solutions for Canadian and International organizations. He has facilitated these sessions for CURIE in the past and endeavors to bring a pragmatic, common-sense perspective to risk management.

ERM curriculum:

Segment 1: Introduction and ERM Review We will set a foundation for ERM, provide an overview of what a program might entail and the value it can bring to your institution. We will explore some of the traditional approaches and unpack common challenges. We will also introduce some of the new ideas that are being employed to simplify and drive more direct value from an ERM program.

Segment 2: Risk Identification – tying risk to the institutional strategy. We will review different methods to effectively identify risks across the entity, and look at direct ties to institutional strategy. During this session, we will conduct a break-out challenging stakeholders to use different methods to identify risks within their institution.

Segment 3: Quantifying risks using a scenario-based Approach. During this session, we will briefly review the traditional risk assessment / quantification approaches. We will then introduce the concept of using a scenario-based approach to quantify risk and look at the risk impact of various states of the institution. With the uncertainty around recovery from COVID-19, a scenario-based approach can arm your institution with a better perspective on different recovery states and better prepare for resilience across each state of recovery.

Segment 4: Applying your risk management framework throughout the institution One of the biggest challenges for effective ERM has been the ability to operationalize it across the institution. During this session, we will explore various strategies to roll ERM out to operations and make it ‘real’ across the institution – including bridging the gap between Administration and the Academy.

IMPORTANT: Space is limited, max enrolment is 15 participants and will be on a first come first served basis. Registration is only open to CURIE subscribers. This program is being funded by CURIE, there is no cost to register.